Judith Linsenberg, recorder  




Ms. Linsenberg teaches recorder privately in her studios in Oakland and Palo Alto, CA and at workshops throughout the United States. She offers individual lessons, ensemble coachings, and master classes for students of all levels.

Testimonials from her students:

"I started studying with Judy about 17 months ago. I had just started playing the Alto recorder and felt incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to study with a world-renowned recorder player. My lessons with Judy have far exceeded my expectations. Every lesson is a rich and intense session, and I always leave with new understanding and more things to work on.

"Judy is able to weave many aspects of recorder playing into her instruction: breathing, tonguing and fingering, tone and phrasing, as well as theory and history. We work on a balance of etudes and music that keeps me interested and challenges me. Judy is great at meeting me right where I am while always pushing me to improve."

– Noam Szoke

"I began studying recorder with Judy Linsenberg a few months ago after years of playing and performing on the recorder having never had formal instruction. My background is as a professional musician on modern trumpet, baroque trumpet and renaissance cornetto as well being a symphony conductor for many years.

"In the several months that I have been studying with Judy, she has totally revised my concept of recorder playing. She works on every aspect of my playing in every lesson, helping me to become more technically proficient, to play with a stronger tone, and work on articulations for phrasing music in a way that is appropriate to the instrument and the period. She is tough and persistent in correcting problems. Nothing escapes her notice but her approach is always with good humor.

"I greatly appreciate the knowledge, skill, and experience that Judy brings to her teaching. I always feel challenged and inspired to practice."

– Joyce Johnson Hamilton

"It's both a pleasure and honor to write this:

"Teachers like Judy Linsenberg are incredibly rare in that they have a uncanny way of communicating musical concepts in words. I believe that this is the mark of a great teacher. My lessons are often filled with observations from her that constantly push me towards being a better recorder player, and to better understand the performance of this magical period of music better.

"I can depend on the observations to be persistent, honest, sometimes pointed, humorful but always with the goal in mind of continuing to prod me develop the tools to play, understand, interpret and ultimately enjoy the music better."

– Mitch Greenberg  

"After a dozen or so years as a self-taught player of the recorder, I began formal recorder study with Judy Linsenberg while I was studying Kodály Music Education at Holy Names University. My initial goal was to have a few lessons to improve my own technique in preparation for teaching recorder to children. I quickly discovered that Judy is a master teacher of recorder at many levels. When I began taking lessons, I was really a beginner in recorder technique, even though I had already had much other musical training.

"One by one, Judy isolated the most pressing areas of concern in my playing and provided me with personalized strategies for remediation. Gradually, as she shared her love for the recorder with me through her teaching, my goals shifted toward playing solos, chamber music and consort music rather than simply teaching beginners competently. I enjoyed my lessons so much that I continued to study with Judy for several years, and with her help and guidance, I eventually developed my playing enough to be accepted into the Recorder Boot Camp Program at the Amherst Early Music Festival.

"Judy is passionate about the recorder and its music, and she shares her passion by helping students improve their playing, musicianship, expressivity and knowledge of style. She is enthusiastic and encouraging, and she expects the best of her students. Her high expectations have helped me to play far better than I ever imagined I might. In addition, I continue to be amazed and inspired by her dazzling yet sensitive performances and recordings.

"Judy is also an outstanding ensemble coach who has worked with both my Renaissance consort and my baroque chamber ensemble. With her help, both groups have greatly improved in ensemble skills, intonation, and knowledge of style. I have also attended many enjoyable recorder society meetings and one-day workshops given by Judy. She can always be counted on to select high-quality repertoire and help the group to make satisfying music."

– Kathy Cochran

"You may already know that Judy Linsenberg is widely established as an international performing recorder virtuoso of the first order, and as a recorder-recording artist.  If you don't know that then a trip to Google will quickly illuminate her rarified educational background, her honors, her remarkable critical reviews, and the esteem in which her consort Musica Pacifica (she is the founding music director) is held by critics and by the early music community. Given that testimonials to Judy as a musician should be readily available, I'll move on to simply say a few things about her as a teacher.

"I have been studying with Judy for several years.  She is a great, sympathetic, and fun teacher/person to be around.  She is highly insightful and energetically involved during lessons and as a consort coach. There’s an old slur that says, 'Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.'

"Maybe she’s the exception that proves the rule or more likely it’s not a good rule.  Either way Judy Linsenberg both plays the recorder and teaches the recorder masterfully."

– Richard Levine, MD